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FSBA 2018 Platforms

FSBA 2018 Positions on Issues of Continuing Concern
Proposed Platform items that were submitted but were not selected for inclusion in the final FSBA 2018 Legislative Platform will be considered for inclusion in FSBA’s Positions on Issues of Continuing Concern.  The FSBA Legislative Committee will consider and approve these items at the meeting scheduled for November 28, 2017 during the Annual Joint Conference.

Emergency Items
In accordance with FSBA Policy 2025(4)(d) and (e), the only changes to the 2018 Legislative and Federal Platforms that are eligible for consideration are emergency items.  Any emergency items must meet the criteria specified in FSBA Policy 2025 and must be presented at the General Membership meeting at the Annual Joint Conference.  A three-fourths vote of the members present at the General Membership meeting is required for approval of an emergency item.

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