The Florida School Boards Association, Inc. (FSBA) is a nonprofit corporation representing the elected school boards in Florida.  FSBA has been the collective voice for Florida school districts since 1930 and is closely allied with other educational and community agencies to work toward improvement of education in Florida.

The MISSION of the Florida School Boards Association is to increase student achievement through the development of effective school board leadership and advocacy for public education.

Members of the Florida School Boards Association share common BELIEFS concerning educational theory and practice.  We believe:

  • Children/Students should be the center of educational efforts.
  • Children will learn with proper expectations and resources.
  • Children must be motivated to become active learners and education should be focused on designated outcomes.
  • Children must be prepared to live, learn, work, and communicate in a diverse society.
  • Educational systems should develop and must make available programs that enable each child to learn and develop at his/her maximum potential.
  • Florida’s system of education requires effective legislative participation in order to exercise school boards’ constitutional right to control, manage, and operate school districts.
  • Legislative decisions concerning the education and welfare of young people can best be made with informed input from stakeholders.
  • Training and communication are essential for organizational change and individual growth.
  • Education is a dynamic process with a commitment to make systemic changes to meet the evolving needs of society.
  • The federal and state governments and the Department of Education should provide adequate resources to support local school boards’ responsibilities to their community.
  • Education must build community-wide partnerships. It takes a whole village to raise a child. It does not matter who gets credit as long as the job gets done.

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