Facilitation Activities

FSBA offers the service of providing a facilitator for workshops scheduled by the school board and other school district groups.  The facilitator’s role is to achieve quality results for the group by maximizing involvement of all participants. Facilitators help guide boards in meaningful and productive conversation, create a safe environment for discussion, assist with developing a plan of action, and keep boards on track towards desired goals.

Customized Board Support

Customized Board Support sessions are available for the school board and may include the superintendent and other district-level staff as determined by the board. The purpose of this training is to provide instruction on a topic(s) selected by the school board. The customized modules and training components developed for the Master Board Program may be chosen for a Customized Board Support session, and additional training materials will be prepared by FSBA, as needed.

Chairmanship Academy

FSBA offers training for school board chairs and vice chairs annually during the FSBA/FADSS Annual Joint Conference in December. Because this training is updated and modified every year, participants should plan to attend when they are chosen to serve as either chair or vice chair. This raining includes duties of the chair, meeting management skills, and a refresher course on parliamentary procedure.


FSBA webinars allow members access to important information in the convenience of their own home or anywhere a mobile connection is available.  All webinars offer credit toward earning or retaining the Certified Board Member (CBM) Distinction.

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Please contact FSBA Director of Leadership Services Tina Pinkoson for pricing and scheduling information.