Member Services

FSBA offers expert assistance and qualified, professional support for one of the most crucial decisions that a school board will make. FSBA will perform all or any portion of the process of locating candidates for a school district on a cost basis. Through FSBA’s facilitation, a school board is advised and guided on each step of the process which includes continuous interaction with the school board. The school board makes the ultimate decision and controls the process with expert management and logistical assistance from FSBA.

Additional Service Providers

Florida Educational Negotiators (FEN)

The Florida Educational Negotiators is a statewide mutual support group that helps its members in assisting school boards in all matters related to employee relations.
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Florida School Labor Relations Service

The primary function of FSLRS is to consult with school superintendents, school board members and school district negotiators in the areas of employee and labor relations.
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Florida School Boards Insurance Trust (FSBIT)

FSBIT’s Risk Management team offers a coordinated effort to protect member districts’ assets, both human and financial, from all types of risk. This effort begins with helping member school districts identify and analyze the risks to which the district may be exposed.
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Florida Public Assets for Liquidity Management (“FL PALM)

Florida Public Assets for Liquidity Management (“FL PALM” or the “Trust”) offers a fully liquid, variable rate investment option known as the FL PALM Portfolio, and the ability for participants to invest in shares of fixed-rate, fixed-term investments through the FL PALM Term Portfolio.
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Independent Benefits Council (IBC)

The IBC established the Model Plan for school districts to offer an array of choices that provides top-quality service at low cost to school employees.
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Florida School Retiree Benefits Consortium (FSRBC)

School Districts join the Florida School Retiree Benefits Consortium (FSRBC) to take advantage of expanded benefit options and lower rates.
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