The FSBA Executive Officers include the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. In addition, the FSBA Chief Executive Officer serves as an ex-officio member of the Executive Officers. All Executive Officers except the Immediate Past President, President, and the Chief Executive Officer are elected by ballot of a majority of the membership in attendance at the Annual Meeting of the Association.


Tina Certain
Alachua County


Tim Bryant
Okaloosa County


Angie Gallo
Orange County


Kim Amontree
Charlotte County


Thomas Kennedy
Citrus County


Andrea Messina


The FSBA Board of Directors is composed of the five Executive Officers, 27 Directors representing geographical districts in the state, and FSBA members who serve as an officer or member of the Board of Directors of the Consortium of State School Boards Associations (COSSBA). The table below lists the geographical districts, the school districts within each geographical district, and the Director and Alternate that represent each geographical district. These Directors serve two-year staggered terms. The Board of Directors’ meets four times annually to establish positions and provide direction on major issues that directly impact the Association’s activities. The meetings are held in conjunction with the Day in the Legislature, Annual Summer Conference, Board of Directors Leadership Development Training, and Annual Joint Conference.


The work of FSBA Committees is essential for the Association to carry out its Mission and Strategic Goals.  The FSBA Bylaws establish three types of committees: Standing Committees for ongoing action; Ad Hoc Committees to explore topics or issues of special interest; and Nominating Committee to recommend a slate of candidates for FSBA executive officer positions.

The FSBA President, in consultation with the other Executive Officers, appoints the Chair and Vice Chair of each committee, consistent with requirements set forth in the Bylaws and Policies.  School board members may sign up to serve on FSBA Committees by completing and submitting the FSBA Committee Assignment Request Form.  The current FSBA Committees and Subcommittees are described below and linked to more information about each committee’s/subcommittee’s leadership, membership, staff support, and activities.

Advocacy Subcommittee: The Advocacy Committee shall develop a comprehensive public relations and communications strategy designed to strengthen FSBA’s advocacy for public education. The strategy must include elements to encourage public involvement and to earn public understanding and support for public education.  The Advocacy Committee has two subcommittees: Legislative and Federal Relations.

Committee Documents & Activities

Committee Staff Support: Dr. Danielle Thomas

Chair: Debbie Hawley, St. Lucie

Vice Chair: Wendy Atkinson, Charlotte

Legislative Subcommittee: The Legislative Subcommittee shall develop a propose legislative platform to be presented to the Advocacy Committee for adoption in accordance with the timeline and procedures set forth in FSBA Policy 2025. The Legislative Subcommittee shall pursue legislative changes consistent with the adopted FSBA legislative platform and shall represent the interests of local school boards before the Florida Legislature, Executive branch, and State agencies.

Committee Support Staff: Dr. Danielle Thomas


Chair: Dr. Colleen Conklin, Flagler

Vice Chair: Cryatal Drake, Glades

Subcommittee members- coming soon

Committee Documents & Activities:

  • Visit the FSBA State Government Page for information on the committee’s work and updates

Federal Relations Subcommittee: The Federal Relations Subcommittee shall develop a proposed Federal platform to be presented to the Advocacy Committee for adoption in accordance with the timeline and procedures set forth in FSBA Policy 2025. The Federal Relations Subcommittee shall pursue legislative changes consistent with the adopted FSBA Federal platform and shall represent the interests of local school boards before the United States Congress, the Executive branch, and Federal agencies.

Committee Support Staff: Dr. Danielle Thomas


Chair: Sue Woltanski, Monroe

Vice ChairBeverly SloughSt. Johns

Committee Documents & Activities:

Equity Committee: Sensitizes and cultivates positive images and attitudes among school board members on multicultural education issues and recommends program topics for workshops and conferences.

FSBA Staff Support: Andrea Messina


Chair: Darryl Willie, Duval

Vice Chair: Caprice Edmond, Pinellas

Committee Documents & Activities:

Finance Committee: Monitors the financial operation and budgetary process of FSBA.

Committee Support Staff: Leslie Dunlap, CPA


Chair: Kim Amontree, Charlotte

Vice Chair: Lori Hershey, Duval


Committee Documents & Activities:

Leadership Services Committee: Plans, guides, and monitors the implementation of the Leadership Development Program which includes the Certified Board Member and Master Board Programs, New School Board MemberAcademy and ethics trainings.

Committee Support Staff: Tina Pinkoson


Chair: Eric Cummings, Marion

Vice Chair: Ruben Colon, Volusia

Committee Documents & Activities:

Long Range Planning Committee: Engages in long range and strategic planning to ensure that FSBA’s vision, mission, and strategic directions are pursued and to encourage the smooth transition of leadership within the Association. The membership of the Long Range Planning Committee includes the FSBA executive officers and two at large members elected from the general membership.

Committee Support Staff: Andrea Messina


Chair: Tim Bryant, Okaloosa

Committee Documents & Activities:

Policy Committee: Assists in the review, development, and revision of the FSBA Bylaws and Policies and facilitates the adoption process of any proposed changes.

Committee Support Staff: Andrea Messina


Chair: Angie Gallo, Orange

Vice Chair: Patty Hightower, Escambia

Committee Documents & Activities:

Past Presidents’ Council: Serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Officers on issues of governance, seeks ways and strategies to advance the FSBA President’s focus area, recruits leaders for FSBA, and performs other duties as assigned by the FSBA President.

Committee Support Staff: Andrea Messina


Chair: Chris Patricca, Lee

Committee Documents & Activities:

The FSBA Nominating Committee is a very important committee that selects a recommended slate of officers for the FSBA leadership team.  The association needs you to be a part of this important process.  Nominating Committee members are elected during the General Membership Meeting, at the FSBA Annual Joint Conference.

The FSBA Nominating Committee is comprised of members elected by regions of the FSBA general membership during the general membership meeting held annually at the joint conference in the fall.  Individuals who are interested in serving in an Executive Officer’s capacity must submit a completed Declaration of Candidacy and related materials to the Committee.  The Committee meets to review the applications, interview all candidates, and nominate a slate of candidates for consideration and election by the FSBA General Membership.

Chair: Thomas Kennedy, Immediate Past President, Citrus

Committee Support Staff: Kim Beaty