To equip school board support staff with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of supporting school district governance effectively.

FSBA’s Support Staff Workalike Group is designed to empower and enhance the skills and knowledge of support staff members working within the school board. This comprehensive program aims to provide support staff with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to excel in their roles, contribute effectively to the educational environment, and advance their professional growth.

This program is available for all Board support staff of member districts.

How does FSBA support School Board Support Staff?

  • By hosting monthly webinars on topics that directly impact support staff such as Parliamentary Procedure, Minutes and Meetings, Roles and Districts.
  • By sending a detailed and comprehensive updated annual calendar each month.
  • By continuously updating our BoardDocs library that offers customizable forms such as How to Onboard a New School Board Member and FSBA Suggested Items for Board Member Exit. Our library also includes pertinent documents including Who Can Administer an Oath of Office, Florida Statute on Meeting Notices, and many more!
  • By answering questions they have concerning topics like recording meeting minutes, how a Board member abstains from a vote, when does the term for a new School Board member go into effect?


Certified Support Professional (CSP) Program

Program Overview

FSBA’s Certified Support Professional (CSP) program aims to elevate the competence and professionalism of school board support staff.  By participating in this program, individuals can gain recognition for their skills and knowledge, enhance their stature among peers and supervisors, and contribute to their professional development.

(This program is at no cost, it is an additional benefit to your school board’s membership to FSBA)

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Earn 12 training points (1 point per hour) during your initial year, starting July 1.

  • 9 points from FSBA mandated training.
  • 3 points from electives (non-mandatory FSBA training or other approved sources).
  • Complete a CSP form for each training to earn points.

To renew your certification annually, earn 6 points from FSBA mandated training each fiscal year beginning July 1.

Program FAQs

How can the Certified Support Professional (CSP) program benefit support staff members?

By participating in this program, participants can contribute to their professional development, enhance their stature among peers and supervisors, and gain recognition for their skills and knowledge.

Does it cost to participate in the CSP program?

This program is at no cost, it is an additional benefit of your school board’s membership to FSBA.

How do I enroll in the CSP program?

You can enroll anytime! Access the registration form for the CSP program here.

How many points do I need to become a CSP?

To earn the distinction of a CSP you must earn 12 training points (1 point per hour of training).

How do I earn CSP points?

A participant will earn 9 points by attending FSBA mandated training and 3 points by attending electives (non-mandatory FSBA training or other approved sources).

How do I access the FSBA mandated training?

Either attend the monthly pre-scheduled training or access mandated training, located in the BoardDocs library, along with the CSP forms that will need to be completed to earn points, under the heading Certified Support Professional Mandated Trainings

How many hours of training equate to one point in the CSP program?

One hour of training equals 1 point. Training events involving a fraction of an hour may be counted as 1 point if the fraction equals or exceeds ½ (e.g., 1½ hours = 2 points; 1¼ hours = 1 point).

How are training events documented for points in the CSP program?

Participants must complete a reflection form for each training attended and submit it to the FSBA office for processing. For your convenience, these forms are available to be submitted electronically. The reflection forms are in the BoardDocs Library under the heading Support Staff Workalike Group.

Are points earned in the CSP program forfeited if the program is not completed in a specific length of time?

No, points in the CSP program are always recognized, regardless of date, for any training completed while enrolled in the program. You can earn the certification in as early as one year or you can take your time and earn it over a longer period.

How is the CSP distinction retained after it has been awarded?

To maintain the distinction of CSP after the initial award, the renewal requirement must be satisfied each recognition year by earning and submitting 6 points no later than June 30 of the following year.

When does the CSP recognition year end?

The recognition year begins July 1 and concludes June 30 of each year.

How is a CSP enrollee advised about their points?

After enrolling in the program, participants will receive a User ID and password to log into FSBA’s membership database. From their profile they will be able to review their CSP points, which are located under the CEU tab in their member profile. Please allow 5-7 days after submitting the form for points to be entered.

How will my CSP designation be recognized?

Recipients of the CSP designation will receive:

  • press release
  • email to school board members and superintendent
  • recognized on website and in newsletter
  • FSBA CSP email signature
  • awarded a certificate (suitable for framing)

Certification Recognition

Recipients of the CSP designation will receive:

  • Press release announcement
  • Email notification to board members and superintendent
  • Recognition on FSBA website and newsletter
  • CSP logo for email signature
  • A certificate suitable for framing

Award Recipients

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