Leadership Services

The Leadership Services Program is uniquely designed to serve the leadership developmental needs of both individual board members and the school board as a whole. In accordance with our MISSION, FSBA’s Leadership Services Department offers high quality training and programs that help School Boards maximize their leadership and governance while maintaining a focus on student achievement. Each having served on a Florida school board, our leadership development consultants are uniquely qualified to lead board members in the quest for maximum effectiveness. Whether you are new to the school board, looking to hone your leadership and boardsmanship skills, or seeking training for your governance team, we’ve got you covered.

FSBA Governance Model

The FSBA Governance model was adopted in 2016. It outlines the board’s responsibilities and shows that student achievement should be the focus of every decision the board makes. These decisions impact the district culture which in turn impacts student achievement.

There are five major areas of leadership for school boards.
They are: Vision, Policy, Accountability, Community Leadership, and Relationships.

Vision – Creating a Shared Vision
Policy – Establishing a Structure to Achieve the Vision
Accountability – How well is the vision being accomplished?
Community Leadership – Championing the Vision
Relationships – Build and strengthen the Board/Superintendent relationship

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