The MISSION of the Florida School Boards Association is to increase student achievement through the development of effective school board leadership and advocacy for public education.

The Florida School Boards Association, Inc. (FSBA) is a nonprofit corporation representing the elected school boards in Florida.  FSBA has been the collective voice for Florida school districts since 1930 and is closely allied with other educational and community agencies to work toward improvement of education in Florida.


Members of the Florida School Boards Association share the following beliefs to guide the Association in its work with members, FSBA staff, and stakeholders.  Our work will be representative, professional, collaborative, innovative, and impactful.

  • Representative – we will reinforce local decision-making and reflect diverse points of view.
  • Professional – we will model ethical leadership and exemplary stewardship.
  • Collaborative – we will act with cohesion, transparency, and intentional engagement.
  • Innovative – we will focus on forward-thinking, innovative solutions, opportunities and possibilities.
  • Impactful – we will strategically leverage initiatives, alliances and resources to produce measurable results.

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