New School Board Member Academy – Part I

Tuesday, December 3, 2024 | During the Annual Joint Conference in Tampa

The New School Board Member Academy is one of the FSBA’s most popular professional development sessions. Offered in two* parts, this training gives new School Board members opportunities to gain insight into the statutory duties and responsibilities of being an elected school board member, the Sunshine Law, public records, and parliamentary procedure. Board members who have taken advantage of this training say that this opportunity to learn and network with their peers is invaluable.

Part I, is the first opportunity for new School Board members from all across Florida to meet and develop important connections with each other. During the rest of the Annual Joint Conference, there will also be breakout sessions designed for new School Board members.

Topics include:

  • transition to public life
  • becoming an effective school board member
  • the statutory powers of the school board
  • meeting procedures.