FSBA’s Leadership Services team is available on an as needed basis to assist you in reaching your goals by providing a facilitator for your trainings. The facilitator’s role is to achieve quality results for the group by maximizing involvement of all participants.  Other facilitator functions and services include:

  1. guiding the school board or group in meaningful and productive conversation;
  2. charting the major points from the group’s discussions;
  3. giving feedback;
  4. creating and providing a safe environment for discussion to occur;
  5. summarizing, organizing, and categorizing the results;
  6. assisting with developing a plan of action and determining next steps, if appropriate; and
  7. keeping the group “on task” to assure that the predetermined meeting outcomes are achieved.

Please contact FSBA Director of Leadership Services Tina Pinkoson for pricing and scheduling information. Please note: non-member districts are assessed additional fees.