Time and time again, when natural disasters or crises occur, our public school family places helping others in front of helping themselves and their families.

The recognition of Florida Public School Hero is one simple way for Florida School Boards and communities to honor their local heroes.  Submit your #FLPublicSchoolHeroes HERE.

FSBA is proud to honor local Florida Public School Heroes.

[toggle title=”Alachua County Public School Heroes“]

Navya Tripathi, 8th Grade Student at Lincoln Middle School

1st Place Winner in the High School Geospatial Poster Competition

Read about her recognition and Hurricane Irma research HERE


[toggle title=”Clay County Public School Heroes“]
Sheriff Darryl Daniels
John Ward, Director of Emergency Management

School Shelter Teams
Clay High School – Cary Dicks, Principal
Keystone Heights High School – Aaron McWilliams, Principal
Lake Asbury Junior High School – Becky Murphy, Principal
Orange Park High School – Clayton Anderson, Principal
Wilkinson Elementary School – Heather Teto, Principal
All administrators who assisted with these school shelters were called forward to be recognized along with the school principals.

District Team
Michael McAuley, Assistant Supt. for Climate & Culture
Dr. Michael Kemp, Assistant Supt. for Operations
Bruce Harvin, Operations Coordinator
Phil Hans, Director of Maintenance
Susan Glover, Director of School Food & Nutrition
Tommy Fitzpatrick, Director of Transportation

District Team
Jim Johnson, Warehouse Foreman
Tim Harrison
Hank Strickland
Ricky Wilson
Robin Gann

[toggle title=”Flagler County Public School Heroes“]

School Board Member Colleen Conklin & Volunteers


[toggle title=”Miami-Dade County Public School Heroes“]

Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle, (formerly Allapattah Middle)
Maria Rock
Ruby Davis; Odell Fulmore

American Senior High
Shawna L. Collins
Terrance Carter; Gisela Guillen

Andover Middle
Ruthann E. Dickenson; Angela Johnson
Philomena Duncombe; Claudette Richards

G. Holmes Braddock Senior High
Leyda Osuna (William Lehman)
Bienvenida Torres Colon (Terra Environmental)

Country Club Middle
Beatriz Espinosa
Alberto Ortiz; Betsy Tejeda

Ruben Dario Middle
Viera, Yanelys

John A. Ferguson Senior High
Rosalia J. Navarrete; Daymi Perez
William Cuenca; Yamel Vidal

Barbara Goleman Senior High
Machelle Jackson, Natalie Moss, Donna Drummond
Sydonnie Hyatt; Victoria David, Juanita Stokes

Bob Graham, Educational Center
Gina Rodriguez; Lakesha Brown-Thomas

Hammocks Middle
Maribel Rodriguez; Evelyn Lopez
Carlos Aguila; Estrella Hernandez; Gertrudis Rosario

Hialeah Middle
Candelaria Castañeda

Hialeah Senior High
Ana Acevedo
Maria E. Sardinas
Luis Amador
Nuria Lam

Hialeah Gardens Middle
Marlene Ramos
Blanca Santana

Hialeah Gardens Senior High
Maria Flores-Guerra
Maria Sardinas – Cook

Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High
Jose Correa
Martha Santiago
Jose Correa
Martha Santiago

Highland Oaks Middle
Linda Boehmer
Yulonda D. Hawkins
Priscilla White
Dolores Jordan
Juanita Williams

Lake Stevens Middle
Yvette Miles-Yearby

Linda Lentin K-8 Center
Jackie Williams Thompson

Jorge Mas Canosa Middle
Sara Zuniga
Mercedes Valiente
Moraima Cortes-Rodriguez
Aydmara Ung
Dania Luis
Tirza Quinones
Antonio Rodriguez

Miami Carol City Senior High
Cathy LeCounte
Bertha Flores
Ivory Rogers
Tammie Young
Ulysses Jenkins

Miami Central Senior High
Lorraine M. Williams
Sharon Woods
Leola Lacey
Alicia Williams
Mario Bastien
Frankie Brooks
Daniella Voltaire
Shaquina Baker
Gwendolyn Brown
Marilyn Bush
April Howard

Miami Coral Park Senior High
Janeth S. Canal
Maria A. Fernandez

Miami Edison Senior High
Stephanie Hudson
Sprena Brazil
Makita Harrel

Miami Killian Senior High
Juan D. Escalona
Angelina Trujillo
Rebeca Leiva
Aurora Lumpuy
Alejandra Benitez
Nakeily Chirino
Maria Ferrada
Dianela Gonzalez
Jorge Fernandez

Miami Lakes Educational Center
Tawanda Jenkins

Miami Norland Senior High
Monita D. Kays
Trisha Taylor
Tashara Jones
Andrea Mcqueen
Aniyah Cellars
Anthony Troutman
Marquetta Wright
Rose Hamilton

Miami Northwestern Senior High
Lisa R. Carter Denise Daniels

Robert Morgan Educational Center
Martenzy Couch
Brenda R. Vogt
Mary Soto
Tangela Nichols
Maribel Diaz
Mildray Fields

North Miami Beach Senior High
Bobbie Bentley
Theresa Walters

North Miami Middle
Bernice Washington
Natacha Mondesir
Demetrius Dozier
Oxane Genescar

North Miami Senior High
Nachelle L. Williams
Shennette Scott
Raidica Crichlow

Ronald Reagan Senior High
Elba Gonzalez
Vivian Simon
Solange Alvarez
Jorge Hernandez
Jacqueline Tamargo

Hubert O. Sibley K-8 Center
Janet Still
Sandra Cargill

John I. Smith K-8 Center
Zaida Reina

South Dade Middle
Tara Pearson
Yolanda McGee
Betty Houston

South Dade Senior High
Donna Alexander
Alexandria Richardson

South Miami Senior High
Rita M. Morin
Yalemil Zuniga
Miriam Diaz
Nubia Chavier
Juana Baldreche
Yanet Sanchez
Yahima Rodriguez

Terra Environmental Research Institute
Maria Elena Salinas
Argentina Galan
Darina Perez
Lillian Garcia
Maria Amanda Medina

Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center
Kenya Brant
Theresa Mckenzie

W.R. Thomas Middle
Daisy Rodriguez
Julio Hernandez

Felix Varela, Senior High
Ericka Simpson
Nakeily Chirino
Josue Rivera

Liberty City Elementary
Carolyn Singleton
Florene Porter
Uradee Butts
Jackie Sasser
Roland Fernandez

Hialeah Middle
Candelaria Castaneda
Juana Llanos
Martha Sabori
Gudelia Suarez
Leo Arrazcaeta
Marlen Ramos

Miami Senior High  
Choylan Cipriani
Marilyn Morales
Waldy De la Cruz
Leonor Martinez
Jorge Llombart Placido
Perez Benitez

Booker T. Washington Senior High
Elsa Sandoval
Jackie Patt
Jacqueline Walker
Patricia Hewitt
Marian Williams
Rafael Borges

Miami Carol City Senior High
Cathy LeCounte
Rosa Wade
Tiffany Major
Bertha Flores
Precious Stephens
Darlene Wilson
Tina Nesmith
Sonia Baker

Robert Morgan Ed. Center
Martenzy Couch
Natalie Hernadez
Ester Labrador
Maria Punto
Georgina Rivero
Cecilia Silva
Maribel Diaz
Rodriguez Guillermina
Selena Barcelo

Homestead Senior High
Brandi Long
Felicia Buntin
Josie Bailey
Dorothy Evans
Gulene Petit Frere
Tishrea Sanders
Sandra Johnson

West Miami Middle
Sonia Martinez
Jenny Gonzalez
Melbis Guerra
Yanisley Ortiz
Alina Hernandez

South Hialeah Elementary
Norma Perez
Justina Cordero
Rosa Gomez
David Alvarez
Maria Trujillo
Jessie Rutherford

Fienberg/Fisher K-8 Center
Janice Bender
Williemae Deese
Emileidy Paniagua
Veronica Inirio
Maria Cuadra
Yuleidys Maneiro
Arthur Tompkins

E.W.F. Stirrup Elementary
Adela Reynolds
Gilnoriz Gonzalez
Olimpia Menendez
Lucrecia Morales
Jenny Lopez

Leisure City K-8 Center
Ileana Dominguez
Valentina Filipovic


[toggle title=”Sarasota County Public School Heroes“]


[toggle title= “Suwannee County Public School Heroes”]
The Suwannee County School Board recognized schools and departments for hosting emergency shelters during Hurricane Irma at the November 14 Board Meeting. The following schools and departments were recognized for their efforts during Irma:

  • Branford Elementary School
  • Suwannee Intermediate School
  • Suwannee Elementary School
  • Suwannee Primary School
  • Facilities Department
  • Food Services Department
  • Information Technology (I.T.) Department








[toggle title=”Volusia County Public School Heroes“]

Facilities Operations Center
Rob Brinson
Saralee Morrissey
Russ Tysinger
Ron Young

John Pascale, FMT
Angela Manno, FMT
Tony Franco
Jim Bott

Basis for Submittal:
Volusia County Schools opened 24 schools as shelters, which were fully staffed and managed by school- and district-based employees.  They provided round-the-clock service, and sacrificed time away from their own homes and families to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests during the storm. Running the shelters required a high-level of effort and coordination from our staff, with hundreds of important decisions being made throughout the event.  These dedicated employees were true professionals, ensuring thousands of people who sought shelter from the storm were safe, welcomed and comfortable. We thank all the staff who worked tirelessly before, during and after the storm who made a difference in our community.

When the storm winds began to impact Volusia County, we saw power begin to fail.  At two of our special needs shelters, Creekside and Atlantic, the generators failed to start in the manner in which they are designed.  During this time the men mentioned above did the following to ensure that there would be no loss of life associated with power failure:

Rob Brinson and Ron Young each spoke by phone to the FMTs at each school calmly walking them through the steps of reconnecting and starting the generators.  These FMTs were outside in the pouring rain and howling winds trying to listen to the directions and take the necessary steps to get the generators started.  Watching and listening to Rob and Ron problem solve and speak calmly during this very stressful time was necessary in order to enable the FMTs to perform admirably in a time of danger.

When the generator at Atlantic still failed to start, Ron Young and Greg Akin took it upon themselves to load a portable generator into a trailer to transport to Atlantic.  These two gentlemen were willing to risk their own lives in order to ensure the needs of our shelterees were addressed.  At the point at which they were about to begin their travel, the generator at Atlantic came on and their travel became unnecessary.

During this entire time, none of our shelterees were aware of the potential risks and threats due to the calmness and steadfast work of the heroes mentioned.

All Shelter Managers & Staff

Essential Support Function – 1 (ESF-1) staff at Emergency Operations Center

Bus Operators, attendants, mechanics and administration

Tech Services
Karen Donohue
Susan Irick

Basis for Submittal:
Karen, monitored all systems while power was being restored and was a critical component to our Field technicians success in confirming Internet access and wireless capabilities were back online.  She performed most of this work at DAC with no AC and continued to monitor throughout the evening in preparation for the following day.

Susan, although feeling quite ill and in great pain, was called upon to report to various sites for ‘backup’ and immediately dropped everything at home to comply.  Without concern for her property and road conditions, she made it to each school within the hour she was called and was requested to switch sites (Turie T. to Heritage) upon arrival.

staff that works in the kitchen to provide the meals

Vendor Partners:
Gentry – Fuel Generators
All Terrain Tractor – Tree Service
GCA – Custodial/Grounds Support
Volusia County Sheriff’s Department
Daytona Beach Police Department
Volusia County Beach Patrol
CEOC staff for their support