Wednesday: Jon Gordon

Top Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Leadership Expert

Power of Positive Leadership

How and Why Positive Leaders build great cultures, unite their organizations, overcome negativity, make a significant impact, and deliver amazing results.

About Jon Gordon:

Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional and college sports teams, school districts, hospitals, and non-profits. He is the author of 28 books including 15 bestsellers and 5 children’s books. His books include the timeless classic The Energy Bus which has sold over 3 million copies, The Carpenter which was a top 5 business book of the year, Training Camp, The Power of Positive Leadership, The Power of a Positive Team, The Coffee Bean, Stay Positive, The Garden, Relationship Grit and his new release The One Truth. Jon and his tips have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, The Golf Channel, Fox and Friends and in numerous magazines and newspapers. His clients include The Los Angeles Dodgers, In-N-Out Burger, The Los Angeles Rams, Campbell Soup, Dell, Publix, Southwest Airlines, The Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, The Colorado Rockies, Truist Bank, Clemson Football, Northwestern Mutual, Bayer, West Point Academy and more.

Jon is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a master’s in teaching from Emory University. He and his training/consulting company are passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations, and teams.

Thursday: Adam Lane

Principal, Rodgers Middle Magnet School, Hillsborough County School District

Florida 2022 NASSP Principal of the Year | K-12 Dive 2022 National Principal of the Year               

Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Retaining Staff Members – Build Your Own Successful Leadership Pipeline and Make an Impact

This presentation will explore strategies for schools to fill all staff positions and eliminate vacancies through effective recruiting, hiring, training, and retention practices. Mr. Lane has developed a leadership pipeline process consisting of inviting, inspiring and training alumni to return as invested, productive staff members.

About Adam Lane:

Adam Lane has worked in K–12 public education since 1995. He spent 16 years at the high school level, nine years at the middle school level, and one year at the elementary level. During that time, he has held various positions, including teacher, department head, athletic coach, athletic trainer, athletic director, assistant principal, International Baccalaureate Coordinator, and principal.

For the last eight school years, he served as principal for Haines City High School, with 3,200 students and 241 staff members under his responsibility. He led the school to a 40% decrease in discipline referrals and a graduation rate increase of 21%.

He recently joined Hillsborough County Public Schools and serves as the principal for Rodgers Middle Magnet School. He was nominated as the Florida 2022 NASSP Principal of the Year, and K-12 Dive 2022 National Principal of the Year. He also serves as the Past-President for the Florida Association of Secondary School Principals.

Adam believes the key to success is in utilizing decision making, relationship building, and positive behavior to create an unforgettable experience while improving staff effectiveness and raising student achievement.

Friday: Nicole A. Harris, MSIDT

Chief Learning Officer, Nicole Harris Learning Solutions, LLC

Future-proofing: Harnessing Human Potential in the Age of AI

The future is NOW! The AI revolution isn’t coming, it is already here in full swing and has significant implications that will drive school policy and governance in the next 3 years. Engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions to envision how you can “future-proof” your district’s educational landscape as a leader. Witness practical AI tool use cases, identify challenges and seize opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, unlocking human potential and innovation while addressing concerns. Through interactive problem-solving, chart a course for your board’s future initiatives, equipping stakeholders to thrive in an AI-empowered world. Become a visionary leader that steers education into a future that preserves the essence of human brilliance while leveraging emerging technologies.

About Nicole A. Harris:

Nicole A. Harris, MSIDT, serves as Chief Learning Officer at Nicole Harris Learning Solutions, LLC. She knows learning is inherently human, so it is her mission to reignite on-the-job learning and nurture inquisitiveness among professionals. She believes great training is often at the forgotten intersection of wellness, employee care, and enhanced job performance. She has had the honor of delivering training and learning events to over 2,000 professionals across various industries, covering topics ranging from meeting effectiveness, optimal customer service, storytelling in the classroom, data analysis, new software implementation, Africa’s global contribution, and much more. Though no longer in the classroom since becoming a corporate trainer and instructional designer, Nicole is honored to still be brought in to speak to K-12 students and conduct professional development sessions for public school teachers. She enjoys bringing her training expertise and classroom experience to educators in a fresh way. Nicole partners with schools as a youth arts and leadership development program developer and keynote speaker in classrooms and assemblies for students. As a former educator, she impacted 1,000 students. She was named the 2021 Alachua County Teacher of the Year (TOY) and received the 2017 Gainesville High School TOY award. Nicole was a Spirit of Gainesville Nominee, an honoree for the international Cambridge Small District of the Year Award, and the winner of the WCJB TV20 and Gatorland Toyota “One Class at a Time” award.  She loves PBS, being Jamaican, her Faith, the plants she is trying to keep alive, and jumping on her trampoline.