The Florida School Labor Relations Service (FSLRS) was founded in 1976 as a joint venture of the Florida School Boards Association (FSBA) and the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS). FSLRS provides services to member Florida public school districts. The primary function of FSLRS is to consult with school district personnel and school board members in the area of employee and labor relations. Member school districts pay an annual fee for these services. In addition, FSBA and FADSS supplement the FSLRS budget for consulting services provided to those two associations. The following services are available to the member school districts.

  • A Quarterly Report on salary and wage related issues. These reports may be accessed on the Florida Educational Negotiators website at
  • Information is collected and disseminated on employee/labor relations issues.
  • Assistance is offered to school districts in obtaining arbitrators and special masters.
  • Workshops relating to employee/labor relations topics are provided upon request to school district staffs and school boards at no additional cost to the districts.
  • Consultation by telephone is available.
  • Practical advice is offered on the timely implementation of new legislative initiatives ( i.e., career ladder, administrator terminal pay and other personnel statutory changes).
  • Proposed changes during the legislative session are monitored, and district personnel are informed and surveyed to assist in determining the impact on the local districts if said legislation is passed.
  • Technical support and monetary assistance are provided to the Florida Educational Negotiators (FEN) in planning meetings and conducting the annual Spring Training Conference.
  • FSLRS serves as the fiscal agent for FEN.
  • FSLRS participates in providing the training for new superintendents and new school board members in the area of collective bargaining.
  • Surveys are conducted at the request of individual school districts to assist them in making informed decisions.

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