The Florida School Boards Insurance Trust (FSBIT) was established in 1981 by FSBA for the purpose of self-insuring the property/casualty exposures of Florida school districts. This pooled self-insurance program is sponsored by FSBA and is funded by the participating districts.

The FSBA Risk Management Department primarily administers FSBIT, but also provides the services listed below to all school districts with membership in FSBA:

  • Assists school districts with employee insurance benefits, property/casualty insurance programs, worker’s compensation, claims, and risk management;
  • Monitors proposed legislation to determine the positive or negative impact on school districts;
  • Informs school districts of statutory revisions regarding insurance issues;
  • Provides claims processing services, excess insurance coverage, and risk management training and services;
  • Prepares insurance surveys and reports;
  • Responds to inquiries from school board members and school district personnel on insurance issues;
  • Collects and distributes materials on relevant risk management issues;
  • Provides information on national and regional trends;
  • Offers safety consultation, model compliance programs, and inspection and training services to school districts; and,
  • Conducts onsite audits and completes reviews of school district facilities to assure accuracy of the district’s property values to minimize property insurance premiums.