FSBA Friday Five – COVID-19 Edition (3/13/2020)

COVID-19 Edition: The White House Task Force on Coronavirus and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention documents for state and community leaders US Secy of Agriculture announced proactive flexibilities to feed children when schools close Reconsidering perfect attendance goals in a time of Coronavirus USDA’s pandemic guidance PASSED in CONGRESS:  Coronavirus preparedness and response…

FSBA Friday Five – March 6, 2020

Reading can expand what kids think about math USAFacts Caucus?  Primary?  Which is it?/Democracy Demographics:  A look at each state School lunch overhaul led to healthier meals for kids Podcast:  Rethinking Education, Discussing where education is today and where it is headed tomorrow What you need to know about achievement gaps

FSBA Friday Five – February 28, 2020

Glossary of School Health Professionals Using fingers can help teach early math concepts Tracking and the Future of Career and Technical Education:  How Efforts to Connect School and Work Can Avoid the Past Mistakes of Vocational Education Teaching students to use what’s around them bolsters critical thinking Prek program uses farm stand to bolster learning

FSBA Friday Five – Welcome 2020!

FSBA Friday Five – Executive Director Andrea Messina’s top 5 picks of education news Holidays are for counting/arithmetic progressions about in holiday symbols National Institute on Drug Abuse report continues to raise alarms How Black Girls Code went from basement experiment to international movement World’s 25 largest lakes, side by side (visual) Understanding Gen Z,…

FSBA Friday Five – December 27, 2019

FSBA Friday Five – Executive Director Andrea Messina’s top 5 picks in education news New Year’s resolutions for kids Why kids need meaningful family traditions Knitting is coding and yarn is a programmable material Science:  visualizing the speed of light Impact of surviving a crisis event on student mental health:  Antidepressant use increases