House education committees flesh out Corcoran’s plans to boost charter schools

House leaders have revealed detailed plans for boosting charter schools after pledging for weeks to invest heavily in alternatives to traditional public education. House education committees this week approved three proposed committee bills that would ease the proliferation of charter schools, including giving them access to significantly more public money. Read More

Charter vs. public schools: Will state fund construction or is local tax hike coming?

A complicated and controversial measure to change how Florida’s 4,300 public schools get taxpayer money for construction and maintenance projects is limping through the Florida Senate, advancing even as lawmakers agree it needs a lot more work before it might become law. Senators behind the measure (SB 376) envision the final bill would have two…

Senators seek solution on school construction

Half of a two-part effort to bridge differences between charter schools and traditional public schools over construction funding was approved Tuesday by a Senate committee — but the other measure was left to an uncertain future.  The Senate Education Committee voted 6-2 to advance legislation (SB 376) that would require school districts to share construction…

Public Schools Dealt Blows in Pair of Court Decisions Favoring Vouchers and Charters

A pair of Florida court decisions this week dealt severe blows to traditional public education, in one case upholding corporate tax vouchers for private schools, in another, diminishing the role of local school boards in deciding what charter schools may operate. Read More