House, Senate education budgets differ by $600 million

As anticipated, the Florida House unveiled a PreK-12 spending planWednesday that’s more than a half-billion dollars leaner than the version released Tuesday by the Senate.  Both differ from Gov. Ron DeSantis’ request.  After introducing his $21.6 billion proposal, House PreK-12 Appropriations chairman Rep. Chris Latvala made clear he anticipated changes as the session progresses. Read More

FSBA Session Spotlight — March 20, 2019

Today’s schedule called for consideration of the Senate’s school safety bill – SB 7030 – this afternoon in the  Senate Infrastructure & Security Committee but there was not sufficient time for discussion, public testimony, and debate of the bill.  Committee Chair, Tom Lee, apologized and rescheduled consideration of the bill for Tuesday, March 26.  However,…