Commission issues school safety recommendations, including a call to Florida lawmakers for more funding

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission on Wednesday released its long-awaited findings and recommendations in the aftermath of the Feb. 14 Parkland high school shooting — including a call to allow some teachers to carry weapons on campus. Read More Read Initial Report

Lawmaker seeks tweak to Florida retirement laws, to help with teacher shortfall

Florida’s teacher shortage has been well documented and growing. It has come at a time when national data show educators quitting the profession at the highest rate in years.  A Sarasota Democrat hopes to ease the resulting burden school districts face with a simple tweak to state retirement laws. Read More

School choice a priority for Ron DeSantis, Richard Corcoran

Governor-elect Ron DeSantis‘ Education and Workforce Development Committee continued deliberations Friday, its last telephonic meeting ahead of final recommendations to come.  A previous meeting of the group emphasized school choice and accountability, concepts that jibe with the reform agenda of incoming Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran. Read More

‘Hard corners’ could be coming to every Florida classroom

Another idea meant to protect students, designated “hard corners” or safe areas in a classroom in the event of a school shooting, could soon show up statewide.  It’s an idea the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission is considering as a recommendation to the state, to better protect students. Read More

DeSantis’ education committee talks challenges of K-12 spending campaign promise, teacher pay

Governor-elect Ron DeSantis’ transition committee on education met Wednesday to discuss how the state could begin to implement his campaign proposal that 80 percent of all education funding be directed “into the classroom.” The short answer: it’s not going to be simple.  Many committee members said the first step is to define what “classroom spending” would…

FSBA Session Spotlight — December 17, 2018

As we approach the start of the 2019 Legislative Session on March 5, 2019, FSBA will be working to keep our members well informed of the activities of the Florida Legislature and related events in Tallahassee. Our main tools for accomplishing this are this Session Spotlight blog and our Legislative Session page.  In addition, we…

Richard Corcoran appointed Education Commissioner

Richard Corcoran is Florida’s next Education Commissioner.  The State Board of Education on Monday unanimously voted to appoint Corcoran Education Commissioner, meaning the former state House Speaker will lead the Department of Education after Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis takes office.  DeSantis earlier this month recommended Corcoran as the state’s next chief educational officer, making him all…

DeSantis education advisory panel calls for more choice, accountability in Florida schools

After two hours of discussion Thursday, Kim McDougal was enthusiastic.  “It’s a great day,” the former chief of staff and top education adviser to Gov. Rick Scott told colleagues attending Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis’ education transition team meeting.  “We’re moving from school choice to informed, high quality school choice,” she said. Read More

Florida school shooting panel takes up Trump’s call to arm teachers

The commission investigating Florida’s Parkland shooting recommended Wednesday that trained and willing educators be allowed to carry guns in schools, reigniting a debate about an idea President Donald Trump had embraced earlier this year.Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, chairman of the high-profile commission, suggested the idea late Wednesday as the panel worked to finalize a…